While timelines vary due to scope of the project, impact delays from council or centre management approvals, weather and so on, we are committed to achieving the outcomes you are seeking when you need them. Get in touch to provide some background on your project and we will work to find a way to see how we can prioritise you.

In many ways, the answer to this is “How much do you want to spend?” When working out your budget, remember that anything you’ve seen on any kind of makeover television program is no comparison to what a refurb/refit/construction project actually costs in the real world.

Once we have seen the scope of your project, we will be completely honest and transparent with you and work tirelessly to ensure you get value for money - the biggest bang for the bucks that you have. Essentially a commercial project can be whatever you want to put into it, which means you can have a $1.5M fitout, but not on a 4K budget.

Everything we do is covered under Australian and Queensland regulated warranty and insurance. With our customer relationship focus and long-term commitment, we will come back to provide advice and support where we can after a warranty period ends. Please get in touch for more information.

We will do everything possible to keep your trading operations running as smoothly as possible throughout the duration of the project and work to schedule to deliver on time.

The scope of the project and the areas of your premises that are under construction at any one time will play a role in determining what can be done to keep you operational.